Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summer Solstice Symphony in Three Movements.

Allegro: bunnies & butterflies frolic in the morning sunshine. (Large laser-cut button, laser-cut butterflies & bunnies, resin rosebuds, wide-band ring setting.)

Adagio: a fawn delicately picks her way amongst the roses in the afternoon. (Large laser-cut button, laser-cut fawn, resin rosebuds, wide-band ring setting.)

Minuet: a cat dances with her shadow as the sun sets in the horizon. (Large laser-cut button, laser-cut cat, resin rosebuds, wide-band ring setting.)

Counterpoint in Reflection: swallows arabesque a prelude in the clear blue sky, bunnies hop a fugue amongst the roses.

Large laser-cut silver mirror button, laser-cut bunnies & swallows, resin rosebuds, wide-band ring setting.

Fresh summer mornings filled with citrus flavours and hints of strawberry, kiwi fruit & star fruit, make way for long hot afternoons sipping lime & apple granitas in the shade of the old frangipani tree ...

Elasticised bracelets with fimo (polymer clay) beads.

Monday, January 27, 2014