Friday, August 16, 2013

A comfort food kind of day, starting with a skinny latte and raspberry-white-chocolate muffin @ Home Of Delicacies (Tunstall Sq., Donvale, Melbourne), and then Nasi Telur Belado @ Es Teler 77 (Cardigan St., Carlton, Melbourne). Sorry, no pic of said muffin, but here's the Nasi Telur Belado in glorious technicolour ....

I reckon that Es Teler 77 on Cardigan Street does the best Telur Belado outside Indonesia. Their hard-boiled eggs are only deep-fried when there's an order, unlike at other places where the eggs (simply hard-boiled) sit for ages in the sauce and turn all rubbery ... Add to the mix are veges & deep-fried chunks of tofu, and a proper Belado sauce. Accompanied by steam rice, clear chicken broth, and black dipping sauce.

CORONARY ON A PLATE (a.k.a. Nasi Telur Belado)

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