Wednesday, May 29, 2013

La crêpe avec Nutella et beurre d'arachide

Now, when it comes to la crêpe, I am something of a purist, no fancy fillings, just lemon juice and a dusting of fine sugar. The only aberration before today's la crêpe was a savory version, filled with mushrooms, which I bought from a small takeaway in Paris some years ago (best budget dinner ever, for a mere 5 Euros).
I decided just now that today's weather -- sunny-ish with chilly winds -- justified a piping hot crêpe with Nutella & peanut butter from Carte Crêpe, a student business at Melbourne Uni's Parkville campus. (No picture, sorry, I've eaten nearly half of it already!)
The French certainly have Nutella, but I'm not sure if they've tried it as a filling for la crêpe ... Definitely another reason to go back to Paris ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Twitter? Twit? Twat? Twerp? Oh, you mean tweet ....

Yes, I've embraced the art of tweeting. So far, I've managed to tweet my blog posts, but still haven't figure out how to post my tweets here.
On Twitter, I am WearableArt Celtique @WACeltique.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Of Eggs Atlantic and writer's block, good coffee and companionship

Breakfast at Home Of Delicacies (Melburnians -- it's located @ Tunstall Square in Donvale, next to Doncaster Road), a local family-owned business, barista Bill and his dad Peter the chef. I reckon Peter makes the best ever poached eggs, just the way I like them, soft on the outside, and runny yolks inside. His Eggs Atlantic (poached eggs, smoked salmon, fresh greens, Hollandaise sauce, bruschetta) are my breakfast/brunch staple, when I have a long day ahead of me. If I'm in for lunch, I like to go for the Caesar Salad. Afternoons? Well, in the summer I like their ice coffee, but now, as winter draws near, it's their Italian hot choclate :)
Anyway, having suffered writer's block for yonks, meeting up with my good friend Dorothy (blogger of Ink Dots) over coffee this morning at Home Of Delicacies and hearing about her latest writing adventures, I felt inspired to overhaul a couple of drafts and get going again on some serious writing. Thanks Dottie -- your friendship and support is always heart-warming, and I wish you God-speed on your magnus opus xoxo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Timeless Classics: Of Swarovski pearls, angel's wings, vintage diamante box-clasps & glass fishes.

Angel's wings necklace, comprising Swarovski crystal white pearls and an angel's wings box-clasp (rhodium plated, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal white pearls). It was a customised piece for InkDots, the blog of my dear friend Dorothy Adamek. (See her post dated 15 April 2013, "Yesteryear -- Wear Vintage Pearls"

This is "Constantia", named after the recipient, Connie, a generous kind-hearted lady. The box-clasp is vintage 1940s Czech craftsmanship, with intricate diamante inlay. Multi-strand necklace comprising green aventurine beads, white and mint glass pearls, mint Czech glass fishes, red Czech glass beads etc.
The box-clasp was one of a kind, but I do have other quality (and less expensive!) vintage-inspired pieces, the angel's wings clasp featured above is but one of several styles.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's mid-afternoon and i'm starving, guess where i am right now? Middle Fish on Cardigan Street, Carlton, on the perimeter of Melb Uni's Parkville campus. Great for authentic affordable Thai eats, cool rhythms blaring from the overhead sound-system .... (30 mins later) Banana roti & coconut ice-cream, seriously strong Thai-style coffee, awesome combo, now to walk it off!
Siyias on Smith Street, close to intersection with Johnston, is another fab location for good food, decent prices, great coffee ... Lunched there last Friday -- petite beef patties, coleslaw & Caeser salad,  washed down with blood orange juice. Delish!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brunched this morning at Storm In A Teacup on Smith Street (Collingwood), near the corner junction with Gertrude Street -- awesome chai latte, and baked eggs with tomato & ham in a cute little tureen (accompanied by ciabatta for dipping, leafy greens, and "real" organic kwark). Definitely adding this place to my list of favorite hang-outs in the bohemian heartland of Melbourne :)

Thanks, ladies, see you soon xxx