Wednesday, May 29, 2013

La crêpe avec Nutella et beurre d'arachide

Now, when it comes to la crêpe, I am something of a purist, no fancy fillings, just lemon juice and a dusting of fine sugar. The only aberration before today's la crêpe was a savory version, filled with mushrooms, which I bought from a small takeaway in Paris some years ago (best budget dinner ever, for a mere 5 Euros).
I decided just now that today's weather -- sunny-ish with chilly winds -- justified a piping hot crêpe with Nutella & peanut butter from Carte Crêpe, a student business at Melbourne Uni's Parkville campus. (No picture, sorry, I've eaten nearly half of it already!)
The French certainly have Nutella, but I'm not sure if they've tried it as a filling for la crêpe ... Definitely another reason to go back to Paris ;)

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