Friday, May 17, 2013

Of Eggs Atlantic and writer's block, good coffee and companionship

Breakfast at Home Of Delicacies (Melburnians -- it's located @ Tunstall Square in Donvale, next to Doncaster Road), a local family-owned business, barista Bill and his dad Peter the chef. I reckon Peter makes the best ever poached eggs, just the way I like them, soft on the outside, and runny yolks inside. His Eggs Atlantic (poached eggs, smoked salmon, fresh greens, Hollandaise sauce, bruschetta) are my breakfast/brunch staple, when I have a long day ahead of me. If I'm in for lunch, I like to go for the Caesar Salad. Afternoons? Well, in the summer I like their ice coffee, but now, as winter draws near, it's their Italian hot choclate :)
Anyway, having suffered writer's block for yonks, meeting up with my good friend Dorothy (blogger of Ink Dots) over coffee this morning at Home Of Delicacies and hearing about her latest writing adventures, I felt inspired to overhaul a couple of drafts and get going again on some serious writing. Thanks Dottie -- your friendship and support is always heart-warming, and I wish you God-speed on your magnus opus xoxo

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