Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Timeless Classics: Of Swarovski pearls, angel's wings, vintage diamante box-clasps & glass fishes.

Angel's wings necklace, comprising Swarovski crystal white pearls and an angel's wings box-clasp (rhodium plated, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal white pearls). It was a customised piece for InkDots, the blog of my dear friend Dorothy Adamek. (See her post dated 15 April 2013, "Yesteryear -- Wear Vintage Pearls" http://dorothyadamek.blogspot.com.au/)

This is "Constantia", named after the recipient, Connie, a generous kind-hearted lady. The box-clasp is vintage 1940s Czech craftsmanship, with intricate diamante inlay. Multi-strand necklace comprising green aventurine beads, white and mint glass pearls, mint Czech glass fishes, red Czech glass beads etc.
The box-clasp was one of a kind, but I do have other quality (and less expensive!) vintage-inspired pieces, the angel's wings clasp featured above is but one of several styles.

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