Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Ladybug and Red Bunny, A Tale of Christmas Magic (laser-cut rabbit on silver wide-band ring setting, wooden ladybug cameo)

On a cold dark dawn,
Amidst a snowy dell,
There appeared a crystal tree.

Along came weary Ladybug,
In search of a place to rest her head,
For she was lost and bitterly cold.

As she paused to catch her breath,
She saw the tree glistening with the morning dew.
She exclaimed "Oh my!" at the wondrous sight,
And settled under the tree.

Along came Red Bunny,
With a skip and a jump,
And a hippity hoppity hey!

She skidded to a halt,
When she saw poor Ladybug,
All tuckered out beneath the tree.

Red Bunny sang a soft lullaby,
As she spun warm Yuletide magic around the tree.
Then lo! The branches shimmered with rainbow colours,
A star descended from the heavens,
And shiny crystals appeared in the snow.

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