Sunday, February 1, 2015

"The Ladybird" by Enid Blyton (1933).

Bracelet: vintage handmade Czech wooden lady-bug button, loom-bands.

Ladybird, you’re very neat
From tiny head to little feet,
I like your coat of red and black,
I like your clean and shining back.

Do you polish it each night
To make it shine so gay and bright,
Or do you keep a tiny fay
Who rubs it up for you each day?

Beneath your shiny back there lie
The gauzy wings with which you fly,
You’re spreading them – oh please don’t go,
There’s such a lot I want to know.

Your house is burning, do you say?
Ah, well, of course, you mustn’t stay!

This poem was first published in Teachers World No.1576 (9 August 1933).

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