Wednesday, October 9, 2013

From the soft pastels of a cottage garden in spring, to the soothing blue-green waters of a rock-pool, to the warm rich tones of high summer, what better way to describe the seasonal changes than with these gorgeous silk strings and ribbons, each strand hand-made by artisans who value true craftsmanship. (Special thanks to Heidi of Jamnglass on Etsy.)

 Talking With God In His Garden. (Large ornate filigree cross with rhinestone centre, faux pearls, miracle beads, resin beads, simple hook & figure-of-eight fastener.)

Talking With God In the Ocean Deep. (Large floral cross with Swarovski pearl centre, faux pearls, resin beads, simple hook & figure-of-eight fastener.)

The Heart Of Arcadia. (Ornate fleur-de-lis heart pendant, faux pearls, resin beads, pony beads, butterfly connectors, simple hook & figure-of-eight fastener.)

Summer In Marseilles. (Large resin pendant with sweetwater pearls and diamonds, faux pearls, miracle beads, pony beads, simple hook & figure-of-eight fastener.)

By The Shores Of Avalon. (Rose cameo on lace-edged patina ring setting. Large floral filigree pendant setting with Swarovski crystals, silver toggle & hoop fastener.)

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