Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Terra Australis - Of possums, wombats, kangaroos & polymer clay beads

Sunday morning began with a surreal dose of Australiana. First up, the annual Nativity play @ St. David's, where the kids & teens performed an adaptation of Mem Fox's Wombat Divine, where Wombat was replaced by Possum ... Afterwards, as I was chilling @ the local Rotary market, a kangaroo hopped pass me along Tunstall Road, with a police-car in pursuit!

Terra Australis is the label for a collection of limited-edition polymer clay beads (limited because the Australian supplier who provided these beads no longer exists) in my favorite colours of aqua, blue, lilac, purple etc (the Pacific & Indian Oceans) and auburn, yellow, orange, burgundy etc (our sunburnt country). (Jpegs will be uploaded to blog next week, so watch this space!)

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